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The apartment cannot be inhabited by more persons than listed in the catalog or on the tenancy – incl. children (over 2 years). Don`t bring bicycles and other equipment into the apartment.

Tenant`s responsibillity:
Tenant is committed to respect the residence rules applying for Kerteminde Byferie. Tenant is liable for damages on apartment and furniture. Damages will be repaired at the tenant`s expense.

Deposit can be individual. Kerteminde Byferie has the rights to demand a deposit. It will be collected by payment. The deposit is for the secure of the applications of the tenant. It will be returned one week after the departure, if the control of the apartment is OK. The use of oil and electricity will be collected by departure. It is not possible to take this expense out of the deposit.

It is not allowed to smoke inside anywhere at Kerteminde Byferie. If this happens a penalty of DKK 1.500,- will be charged. Outdoor zinc buckets are standing – they shall be used for ashes and butts. By smoking, please show respect for neighbours.

Pets are not allowed at Kerteminde Byferie area.

Use linens on all beds. The sheet on the bed is for protection of the bed – a sheet has to be added. If not done DKK 250,- per bed, for washing, will be charged.

Please show respect for other residents. Playing music after 11 pm, please close all doors and windows. At 12 pm there must be quit, so that other residents can sleep.

Driving at the area must be slowly and considerate. Because of playing children.

There is a grill in the apartments. Show respect for the neighbours if they are bothered by the smoke.

Even if you have ordered cleaning, following has to be done:
. General cleanup
. Emptying the dishwasher
. Emptying trashes / toilet bucket
. Remove empty bottles
. Kitchen must be cleaned
. Grill must be cleaned
If not done DKK 250,- pr hour will be charged.